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Infusing Rich Vocabulary throughout the Primary Curriculum
Tuesday 21 May 2019, 08:15 - 14:00

For all EYFS, KS1 and KS2 teaching staff

Vocabulary, breadth and depth, are two of the most important factors in helping pupils to understand what they read and to express themselves as mature, sophisticated learners. This exciting new course from Chris Quigley will help you to infuse rich and sophisticated vocabulary from EYFS to Year 6 into all areas of the curriculum.

The challenge is immense: the two hundred most common words pupils read in most texts, are everyday words that they encounter in a range of situations. However, this means that they do not have the maturity and sophistication required to meet the demands of the National Curriculum. Pupils need to learn and become fluent, in at least 570 word families during their time in formal education, so that they can understand the mature language used in high-quality academic texts and express themselves as ‘articulate experts!’

Find out about:

  • The reasons that vocabulary needs to be explicitly taught through ‘robust instruction!’
  • Strategies for teaching vocabulary across the curriculum.
  • ‘Tiers’ of vocabulary and the importance of sophisticated, mature academic language.
  • How to infuse high quality vocabulary in reading activities, spoken and written communication.
  • Word Breadth: The specific subject vocabulary required in each subject or area of learning.
  • Word Depth: The degree of understanding of vocabulary and the ‘lexical quality’ hypothesis.
  • Discourse markers and their role in organising mature writing.
  • The use of daily routines to help pupils to reach sustained mastery of sophisticated vocabulary.
  • The importance of etymology and morphology, even with the youngest pupils in your school.
  • The ‘570 Word families’ that should be explicitly planned across the age ranges in your school.


Chris Quigley is a specialist in primary education. He has been a Teacher, Headteacher, Lead Inspector and Trainer of School Inspectors. He is best known for his inspiring talks and his clear, easy to use support materials. He is also a publisher and a Director of Chris Quigley Education, where he leads a team of specialists, delivering inspiring training and talks all over the world.

Location Lancot Challenger Academy, Lancot Drive, Dunstable LU6 2AP